Get Paid To Do Nothing But Sign Up For Stuff

get paid to do nothing

Get Paid To Do Nothing But Sign Up For Stuff

Here is a quick compilation of some of the coolest paid online jobs we’ve found that will actually allow you to earn money while doing (almost) nothing. We broke them down into broad categories so that you can easily find what suits your online income aspirations and financial lifestyle. We hope you enjoy! Here we have:

The best ways to make money doing nothing is: Becoming an affiliate marketer (direct selling), freelance writer (part time or full time), selling goods on eBay, affiliate marketing, taking surveys, becoming an online researcher or web developer and/or software programmer. One of these last two has the potential to lead you to other ways to make money doing nothing but marketing other people’s products! We are not saying that every single one of these methods will be easy to do, or that you won’t have to work at all – but none of them will require much effort on your part, nor require any specialized skills. If you have basic computer skills then you could do most of them. If you want to be paid to do nothing but sell stuff on eBay then your options are pretty limited.

If you do choose one of these paid “no obligation” programs to get started with, they will give you very detailed information about what they’re looking for, the steps involved, how they will evaluate your portfolio before investing, etc. If you have a few hours or a few days to spare, you could be getting paid to do nothing but promoting free stuff. How’s that for an idea?

If you like being rewarded for giving your opinion, and have some spare time between work and family obligations, then paid opinion surveys could be a great way to get started. There are a number of different companies who are willing to pay people to take their surveys. Some will pay you cash, others will give out prizes as incentives for your participation. There is even an iPhone and android app (app) that you can download to your phone that collects your feedback and sends it to the companies who are conducting the surveys.

Paid online surveys are also a popular method of getting paid to do nothing but sign up for things. Some of the bigger name website like Amazon, eBay, Nike, and others have entire sections devoted to paid subscription sign-ups. The reason these big name websites get paid to do this is because people sign up for these programs in large numbers, and there are lots of marketers that want to get their hands on this new customer base. The way these subscription websites like Taskrabbit and Paid Surveys work is that you are asked to provide your contact information just once, and then are sent a list of stuff you can sign up for. If you like the offers you get, you are then paid either with a free gift or with points that you can redeem for merchandise down the line.

There are other websites that you can sign up for that offer a variety of ways to get paid to do nothing but answering surveys. Like with the aforementioned app, some of these paid survey websites require you to give your contact information once, and then you are sent a gift card for goods you choose to buy. Other sites like Global Test Market use coupons instead of gift cards. Either way, you are going to be paid either by points or coupons. Again, like with the paid subscription websites, most people choose the latter since they cost less and have more opportunities to earn money. There are also a lot of apps out there if you want to get paid to do nothing but make money online.