Finding Legitimate Online Typing Jobs

Online typing jobs are great ways to work from home. Typing jobs provide a fast way for stay at home moms, students or those pursuing other flexible work options. Typing jobs provide many benefits. Most companies do not require you to have an up to date computer, any language skills and you can work from the comfort of your own home. You can be as picky as you want when it comes to the position you take on. Here are the four main types of online typing jobs:

online typing jobs

These types of online typing jobs are usually very basic in description but they are easy to complete. You type documents and provide basic support to market research firms. These positions usually pay per word or per minute. There are some market research firms that do not care about your speed, your spelling or your punctuation.

Another type of online typing jobs is data entry. This involves entering numbers, names or forms into a database. These jobs require basic spreadsheet knowledge and computer software for data entry. Data entry assistants usually do not have to do much when it comes to typing, but they are usually responsible for answering the phone and scheduling appointments. Sometimes data entry employees help out with setting up appointments and handling emails. If you have the time, you could consider becoming a data entry operator.

This is one of the most popular online typing jobs available. Most data entry operators are also market research agents. Most customer support agents do not have to type at all but instead, answer phone questions or take orders. They can type on a computer if needed but most customer support employees just have to type in their responses to customer questions. As a result, they are not as productive as data entry workers. However, customer support agents make a very good salary compared to other types of online typing jobs.

Perhaps the most searched for and one of the most profitable freelance online typing jobs available is transcription work. Transcription work involves converting audio files into text. Most of this transcribed work comes from radio and television shows. While it does require some manual skills, most transcription work does not require any type of education other than basic fluency in English.

If you think that online typing jobs require only a high school diploma or a simple headset and a computer, you are mistaken. The truth is, anyone with typing skills can work as a transcriptionist. In fact, many employers actually prefer transcriptionists over other kinds of employees because transcriptionists are able to cover more hours per week and produce more reports in a shorter period of time. A good way to become a transcriptionist is by registering with a freelance website where you can get access to hundreds of opportunities for transcription work.